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Alina Speshilov - Street Art, Oil on canvas

Andy Warhol - Martin Buber, Color screenprint

Marc Chagall - Song of the Bow, Hand-colored etching

Nurit David - Naples Study, Lightfast markers and colored pencils on paper

Edward Ben Avram - Jonah and the Whale, Oil on canvas

Talia Keinan - Blue Bird, Mixed media on paper

Yaacov Agam - Agam_Formes-Couleurs-Relief, Color thermographic paper multiple

Arie Aroch - Two Trees in Memory of Hametzayer, Lithograph

Larry Abramson - Home XLIV, Oil on canvas

Aharon Bezalel - Horse, Bronze

Eran Shakine - Hollywood Sign, Mixed media on paper

Aharon Bezalel - Seated Family, Brass

Pavel Wolberg - Abu Dise, C-print

Jan Rauchwerger - Red Nude, Oil on canvas

Arie Aroch - The Boat, Lithograph

Itzhak Danziger - Rehabilitation of the Nesher Quarry, Screenprint

Assi Meshullam - Lexicon of Principles, Ink on paper

Fima - Vase with Yellow Flowers, Oil on canvas

Alina Speshilov - Untitled (Art Now), Oil on canvas

Avigdor Arikha - Tangerine, Color etching

Reuven Rubin - Arab Horses, Ink and wash

Itzhak Livneh - Untitled, Oil on canvas

Samy Briss - Surprise, Oil on canvas


Jan Rauchwerger - Woman Reading a Book in the Studio, Oil on canvas

Menashe Kadishman - Birth, Cut iron

Recent Acquisitions

- Still Life (Flowers)

Slava Ilyayev
- On the Avenue

Arie Aroch
- Two Trees

Nurit David
- Naples Study

Assi Meshullam
- Baal Priest

Larry Abramson
- The Panic

Yaacov Agam
- Formes, Couleurs, Reliefs (1975)

Adam Berg
- Land Origami

Andy Warhol
- Martin Buber

Alina Speshilov
- Street Art

Jan Rauchwerger
- Red Nude

Marc Chagall
- Song of the Bow