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Larry Abramson

Born: 1954

Since the 1980s, Larry Abramson has been a major figure in postmodern Israeli art. His works depict nature (plants and landscapes) in a dialogue with the sublime (which cannot be attained) and reality (which cannot be depicted). Abramson has attempted to restart painting from within after Marcel Duchamp and Kasimir Malevich – twin dead ends as he sees them. He has also been profoundly affected by knowledge of the Nakba, the forced Palestinian flight from villages all over Israel. He has engaged in a dialogue with Israeli artists of the previous generation like Zaritsky who painted Israeli settlements without acknowledging they covered Palestinian villages. In a recent series of works Abramson has taken a cache of newspapers his father saved from the 1967 war and painted over them using plant motifs from a famous Israeli botanical book. He has left some of the ads and articles from the paper to be read in juxtaposition with the botanicals. What results is an extraordinary series of works on nature, politics, land, and country. Abramson has matured into one of Israel's greatest artists.

Price Tag IX: (How Beautiful the Nights), below, refers to the tagging of Palestinian homes in the West Bank with a Jewish Star as if they are going to be sold. It is a terrorist act by settlers.

Price Tag IX: (How Beautiful the Nights) / Oil and acrylic on canvas
Elyakim Chalakim / Oil and acrylic on canvas
Home XLIV / Oil on canvas, 2012
The Panic / Mixed media on paper, 2009
Symptom VI / Screenprint