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Yaacov Agam

Born: 1928

Agam is the most famous living Israeli artist. He works in Paris but is an international figure. Agam has done kinetic (moving) art works (figuratively and literally) all over the world. He works in every medium – even painting the entire Le Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. He has designed rooms for the President of France and a fire and water fountain for the center of Tel Aviv. Recent projects include decorating a huge office building in Mexico City and designing and decorating a complex of buildings along the water north of Tel Aviv.

Double Metamorphosis / Agamograph
CandlabrAGAM / Gold Plate
Jerusalem / Screenprint
The Blessing / Screenprint
Agam Torah / Handmade Book
Acceleration / Agamograph
The Rainbow Torah / Screenprint and Book
The Black Hole / Spacegraph