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Nurit David

Born: 1952, Tel Aviv

One of the most intellectual and gifted artists in Israel today. David's painted works range from conceptual to figurative but always with an intense concentration on her own life and surroundings. While a teacher at Bezalel and the State Teacher's Training College (now Beit Berl College School of Art), she has created one of the most extraordinary bodies of work in Israel's history. Recent influences range from the Renaissance (Jean Fouquet) to Bruegel to Japanese woodblock artists and Georgio de Chirico. Literary inluences include Francis Ponge, Malcolm Lowry and James Joyce while film influences include Yasujiro Ozu. Recent works dealing with the death of her Japanese boyfriend and a mysterious project on imagined Italian cities brought up issues of personal struggles, love of her native Tel Aviv, and death and the afterlife. No other Israeli artist is as thought provoking with her post-modern mash-ups than Nurit David.

Torino Day and Night / Oil on canvas
Naples Study, from the series I'M DANCING ON YOUR GRAVE / Lightfast markers and colored pencils on paper
Untitled / Etching
Raffi in Paradise / Etching