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Menashe Kadishman

Born: 1932, Tel Aviv

He studied sculpture in Israel and then worked as a shepherd, an experience which was to have a profound influence on his life and imagery. Kadishman studied sculpture in England with Anthony Caro and with Reg Butler at the renowned Slade School of Art at the University of London. He returned to Israel in 1972. In 1978 he represented Israel at the Venice Biennale and brought a herd of sheep painted blue creating an international sensation. He is famous for metal sculptures affixed to trees and other environmental images as well as cut steel pieces like "The Sacrifice of Isaac." He has won almost every Israeli art prize and has become the most renowned sculptor of this generation. He is the creator of magnificent paintings and graphics. Kadishman has shown in galleries and museums all over the world including numerous shows in Asia. He is truly the heart and soul of Israeli art.

Theodor Herzl Observing Tel Aviv from the Balcony, 1988 / Mixed media on canvas (screenprint and pastel)
Birth / Cut iron
Ram / Cut iron
Doves of Peace / Cut iron
Motherland / Cut iron