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Tal R

Born: 1967, Tel Aviv

Born in Israel, Tal R grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark where his family moved when he was a small child. A product of Jewish and Danish cultures, Tal R, has become one of Europe and the world's major artists. A designer as well as a painter, printmaker and sculptor, Tal R is the definition of a contemporary artist. He has a unique style which has not lost a childlike sense of wonder and innocence yet his works are profound mysteries involving use of recurring symbols. He is profoundly aware of his surroundings and their history as well as meditating philosophically on the meaning of memory, time and the cyclical nature of life. While he uses every available medium his works glow with soft colors, abstract shapes, erotic symbols and a nod to Edvard Munch and his Scandinavian homeland.

U, 2015 / Crayon on pigment and rabbitskin glue painted paper
Man in Hollow Tree / Crayon on colored art paper