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Reuven Rubin

Born: 1893, Romania - Died: 1974

Rubin was Israel’s greatest painter of the first half of the 20th century. In Tel Aviv there is the Reuven Rubin Museum in his old house. Rubin became part of the School of Paris artists. He also Studied in Palestine. He went on to become one of the most famous painters of the century. Both he and Nachum Gutman were the great early Tel Aviv artists. They acknowledged the non-European light of Palestine as well as focusing on observations of everyday life as subject matter and eschewing Orientalism.

Arab Horses / Ink and Wash
Dove of Peace / Screenprint
Mother and Child / Lithograph
Ezekiel / Lithograph, from 'The Phophets'
Camels / Lithograph, from 'Visages d'Israel'
Saul Annointing David / Lithograph, from 'King David Suite'
David Interceding with the Angel / Lithograph, from 'King David Suite'
Jacob's Dream / Lithograph
A Rabbi / Lithograph
Flowers / Lithograph