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Sharon Ya'ari

Born: 1966, Israel

Sharon Ya'ari may be Israel's best photographic artist. He is truly the a philosopher of photography. His work is not political or topical rather it tries to get at the essence of the medium while never forgetting where he is and the history of that place.. Freezing moments in time, sometimes the same shot in two photographs, he records changes both large and small. His works concentrate on moments of waiting, obscure locations and deserted landscapes. His works are meditations on change, the transience of things, chance and fragility and the unknown. Each of his works is a meditation on the mystery of life the limits and magic of photography and above all what time and chance have wrought. His retrospective exhibition “Leap Toward Yourself” was just held at the Tel Aviv Museum in 2013.Sharon Ya'ari,Israel, photography, photographic artist, Tel Aviv Museum,

Tel Aviv, 2010 / Archival pigment print