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Raise Money for Your Temple or Organization
as You Experience Great Israeli Art

For over 40 years, the gallery has presented shows of Israeli art at temples, synagogues, Jewish Centers, Jewish Museums and for Israeli and Jewish organizations as a way of raising consciousness about Israeli art and as a fundraising activity.

More than 50 organizations have already taken advantage of this unique vehicle to experience the diversity and depth of Israeli art and support their own missions. Click here to see who they are.

Contact us to arrange an exhibit for your organization, or participate in our web promotion. Here's how it works:

  1. Add a link to our site from your web site. Include the following text:

    "Please mention (your temple or organization) when making a purchase from the Michael Hittleman Gallery."
  2. Fill out and submit our Registration Form
  3. When anyone buys a piece of art from us and mentions your organization, you will receive a 25% commission.